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Designed for Convenience

Light, compact, and rechargeable so that you can have relief anywhere.

  • "Fits in every bag I own so taking it with me has been easy and pretty helpful."

    - BrianD

  • "This is perfect for me because its not as harsh as the other massage devices out there. Those have always hurt when I used them but this one is the perfect combo of heat and light massage!"

    - Jennyxoxo88

  • "I bought it for my back but honestly I use it for my endometriosis and my back so definitely recommend either way!"

    - Rebecca Coleston

  • @nulxe.relief Carry the world on your back? We've got you covered.

  • @nulxe.relief Did you know?

  • @nulxe.relief Instant heat therapy in under 30 seconds!

"Travelling for work has been 10 times easier since I used Nulxe. My back stiffness is no longer something I need to worry about taking up my attention."

- Our CFO Aarti

We want to help others discover the freedom from pain so that they can get back to doing what they love with who they love. Period.

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